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Bachelorette Party Fun with Amy Schumer in Lexington!

IMG_3359So, we’re officially less than a month away. LESS THAN A MONTH. Someone asked me this week if I was in panic mode yet and while I’ve fretted a little about RSVPs, I haven’t felt intense pressure just yet.  Between taking care of the rest of the items on the to-do list, Steven and I are being showered with love and fun by our wedding party and friends.  Since he is away right now on his bachelor party weekend with his groomsmen, I thought I’d write about part one of my bachelorette activities that was thrown by some of the most wonderful girlfriends!

My co-matron of honor, Amber, worked to throw together a girls trip getaway for IMG_3365part one of my bachelorette fun over three weekends ago. In addition to my bridesmaids, there’s many other ladies who I wanted to include in on the festivities and Amber worked to wrangle everyone together for it.

There was somewhat of a challenge in the beginning to find a weekend in a city where we could go but not break the bank. We first looked at Nashville, TN where one of my bridesmaids, Laura, lives but we quickly realized that no one wants to go in on hotels that were ranging $300-$400 a night. We also looked at Charlotte, NC where hotel prices were a little more reasonable but we were still looking at higher price tag per girl to make it happen. To any bride-to-be or any member of a wedding party who may be reading this: Please take into consideration budgets and schedules. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a fun weekend out but it can quickly add up. I only had one request of Amber while she worked with the girls on planning the bachelorette party and that was to keep is easy, simple and inexpensive.  We didn’t even have to go out-of-town if that meant more girlfriends could come along and we could save a few bucks.

IMG_3352And then Amy Schumer announced she was heading out on tour.  I’m a little late to the Amy Schumer fan train but after watching a lot of her stand up routines on YouTube, I’ve become a huge fan of her comedy. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials with my best gal pals than by checking out a hilarious comedian.

It worked out that we would spend one night in Lexington, KY which is just over a two and half hour drive from Charleston, WV. Many of my girlfriends couldn’t make the weekend because of prior commitments but it was decided that for part two of the festivities that a more low-key, local bachelorette party would take place just before the wedding to accommodate their schedules and budgets. Two of my good friends, Ashton and Stacie, also decided to come along with me, Amber and Karen and the five of us crammed into a hotel for the night.

Our Saturday kicked off the way any bachelorette party should kick off after getting checked into the hotel room IMG_3427 and having lunch; with a trip to Trader Joe’s.  I know what you’re thinking: why in the world would a bachelorette party go to a grocery store? When you have some ladies who enjoy cooking and there’s an opportunity to pick up exclusive snacks and goodies from a grocery store chain that is not in the state of West Virginia, you decide to make a stop. The highlight of going to Trader Joe’s wasn’t just about picking up cookie butter, but an employee in the store noticed the glittery “Bachelorette” tiara I was wearing and gave me some beautiful flowers to congratulate me! It was truly a sweet, sweet gesture.

IMG_3356After we finished grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (yet another grocery store chain not in West Virginia), we went back to our hotel to relax before the show and dinner. Downtown Lexington was definitely packed that night not just because of Amy Schumer but it was also prom night.  We walked around to a couple of different restaurants to see if we could find the shortest wait list.  We came upon a bar that advertised sushi specials. It was a bar that I’d been to before when we celebrated my bridesmaid, Bethany, at her bachelorette party around three years ago.  We took a chance on the place – SkyBar – and were pleasantly surprised to have our own room to ourselves for dinner.  Our sushi was pretty good and it was very filling. With just minutes to spare, we made it just before the lights went down for Amy’s warm up comedy act to begin.

IMG_3389The show itself was hilarious.  Amy wasn’t feeling the best that night but I still laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt.  I was very glad to hear pretty much all new material aside from a couple of jokes she had told before on some the last night talk shows.  I think everyone else in our group enjoyed the show too.  If you’re an Amy Schumer fan then I highly recommend seeing one of her stand-up shows.

After the show, we hit up a bar called HopCat which boasted about their top 10 french fries as voted by Food Network Magazine. Their “Crack Fries” were delicious.  The bar/restaurant itself had a great atmosphere and we managed to sit in a quiet area to talk and relax.  We called it an early night but we had a long but wonderful day with hanging out, eating and watching  Amy Schumer. I know some people imagine bachelorette parties being crazy with dancing on the bars or drinking yourself into a blackout but I didn’t need that experience to have a great time with some of my best girlfriends.  We topped the weekend off with a wonderful brunch the next morning at a place called The Village Idiot. I am still sitting here and licking my lips thinking about their duck and waffles and salmon croquets.

I had a wonderful, wonderful time with Amber, Karen, Stacie and Ashton. Plans are in the works for part two of the bachelorette festivities which I am excited for and I’m definitely enjoying this really great time before walking down the aisle soon!


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