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when life happens during wedding planning

I realize there hasn’t been much of an update despite there being so much to write and talk about. I’ll sit down this coming weekend (okay, maybe) and write up a few posts about budgeting, how our florist did a paper flower making workshop with us and how we’re writing our ceremony, but I wanted to take a moment and share that while you’re checking off lists, meeting with catering and being oh so excited for the days ahead, life itself doesn’t take a day off just because you’re in the middle of wedding planning. Insert however many cliches about life and plans, but it’s true.

On May 19th, I received a painful phone call that my great uncle and great aunt were involved in a tragic event which took my uncle’s life and left my aunt injured. Just hours after receiving the news, my mom and I loaded up the car to travel over 9 and half hours to be with my aunt.  During that long drive from West Virginia to Alabama, I wasn’t thinking about flowers or make up styles or whatever other mundane wedding lists that remained to be checked off. The bridal shower that my mother and bridesmaids had planned and worked on was also canceled due to us being out of town that weekend. Life doesn’t pay attention to whatever scheduled events you may have on the calendar, but it certainly provides the sometimes jarring wake-up call about how quickly things can change and puts everything into perspective.

The good news is that my aunt will be okay and the dust is beginning to settle from what happened on that Thursday morning, which truthfully is all that matters. My mom has switched her thinking gears back to making sure appointments are being kept and last minute things are wrapped up as she travels back to help with the wedding. Friends have been so great about checking in to see what they can do for me, not just with wedding things but beyond. It feels good knowing that I have a strong support system of friends and family who have been understanding with me over these past couple of weeks.  Wedding vendors also have worked with me on schedules and communication as I shuffle everything around, which has been great.

I’m overwhelmed with love and gratitude that my girlfriends are throwing me a rescheduled bridal shower to make sure that while the original event was interrupted a couple of weeks ago, it’s still going on.

Because that’s the thing about life; it goes on.  Even the best laid plans can be disrupted and go wrong.

While you’re planning a wedding, whether it’s something simple and practical like we’ve been trying to do or if you’re planning a big blow-out party or something in the middle, don’t forget what it’s all truly about at the end of the day.


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